Frequently Asked Questions


When is the earliest we can depart?

The earliest Safari Logistics departs is at 7 am, however timing is subject to passengers destinations and may change. Should you wish to book a specific departure time, the plane will then have to be chartered and not booked on a seat rate. We urge clients on seat rate bookings to reserve a night on either side of their safari to avoid disappointment in delays.

Which airport is better to arrive at if clients are going to Mana Pools National Park?

It is more cost effective to fly from Harare to Mana Pools as it is closer than Victoria Falls. We can also do a road transfer from Harare to Mana Pools should there be bad weather.

What connecting flights will be guaranteed?

Safari Logistics tries to work around all passengers’ departure times on international flights. However, in Victoria Falls most international flights leave after lunch, which makes it easy for us to schedule our arrival at the airport in time for this, which is usually 11 am. In Harare International flights leave between 2-4pm so scheduled arrival times on a Safari logistics plane is usually 12 pm. However if your departure is outside of Zimbabwe i.e. Botswana or Zambia we encourage you to spend a night in Victoria Falls both ways so as to avoid missing your flight

When will I know what time my flight is?

Safari Logistics will always try to ensure that flight times are given at least 24 hours before departure. However a seat rate means there is no guarantee of fixed timings, as we have to accommodate all passengers. Should the flight time change we will notify you immediately.

What happens if the plane cannot take off due to technical difficulty?

If a Safari Logistics plane is grounded we will make every effort to charter another plane to get you to your destination.

What happens if the plane cannot fly due to bad weather?

It is advised that during the rainy season (November-March) passengers should make provisions to stay an extra night in Vic Falls or Harare so as to avoid missing their connecting flight. If a plane cannot fly due to weather conditions and we can’t reach you by road, there will be an unavoidable delay. If however we can reach you by road we will deduct the road transfer fees and reimburse the remainder to you. We urge you to also take out travel insurance in case you miss your connecting flight.

What happens if my Safari Logistics flight is delayed and then I miss my connecting international flight?

Safari Logistics will not take responsibility for any travel arrangements beyond our flights. We encourage our passengers to take out travel insurance to make provisions for this.

What happens if my international flight is delayed and then I miss my Safari Logistics flight?

Safari Logistics will wait for a maximum of an hour delay before departing. If you have still not arrived and miss your flight with us, you will have to buy another ticket for the next available flight.

How does travel insurance work with Safari Logistics?

Should you miss your flight due to bad weather or technical difficulty on our part, Safari Logistics will give you a certified letter that is recognized by the travel insurance company.

If I book for one passenger do I have to buy the other seat even if more passengers book the seats at a later stage?

The minimum number of passengers that Safari Logistics can fly is two so if you book one seat and there are no other seats booked on the plane you will have to pay for that seat, regardless of whether or not we fill those seats at a later stage. We do not have a refund policy for this.


What extras can I expect from Safari Logistics?

We have an exclusive lounge that is open at the International Victoria Falls Airport complementary to Safari Logistics clients. We offer passengers a comfortable seating area, air-con, free Wi-Fi and a complimentary tea, coffee or soft drink. Should the plane be delayed for an hour or more you will be offered a meal.

On the plane, there is complimentary water, and a snack pack, which includes: a packet of chips, biltong, a chocolate and mints. Please note there is no toilet on the plane so we advise that you use the bathroom before departing from your destination.

Can we offer airside meet and greet at HRE and VFA off International flights and assist passengers through Customs and Immigration?

Safari Logistics endeavors to make sure passengers have a smooth transit through immigration and customs. Should there be a serious problem we will try to help the passenger as best we can. However by law we are not allowed to meet passengers beyond the arrivals area.


Why do I have to give my weight?

Clients have to give their weights to the pilots so they can calculate mass and balance of the aircraft. This is not only imperative for safety but is also a requirement by law. The pilot may risk losing their license if they do not have the weight of each passenger on their plane. In addition we do not have extra large seat belts on the plane so will have to order them in advance should they be necessary.

What is the maximum weight a traveller can be before they are charged an extra seat?

If the client is over 120 kg’s they will have to pay for an extra seat. It is at the pilot’s discretion to ask you to be weighed before embarking on your flight.

How much luggage am I allowed on the plane?

You are allowed 20kg’s each including hand luggage. Please note that you must only use soft bags. If you have more than this that you would like to take, you will have to pay for an extra seat on the plane.

What happens if I have a hard case?

You will have to unpack your hard case into a soft bag if you don’t have your own, you will have to hire one from Safari Logistics. The cost of this will be $35 all of which will be donated to our foundation.  We will keep your hard case for you in the Safari Logistics lounge until you return from your trip. If you don’t have your own lock we can provide cable ties. Alternatively, you can get your luggage wrapped at a charge of $5.

What happens if my luggage does not arrive off my previous flight?

Safari Logistics will not be held responsible for your loss of luggage and can only wait for an hour before departing. We will endeavor to get your bag(s) to camp once they arrive but it will be an added charge.

Can I get my bag to Harare or Victoria Falls?

At your own cost Safari Logistics will send your bag to Harare or Victoria Falls with Air Zimbabwe. However we take no responsibility for any loss or damage along the way.

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